I’ve been in the welding and fabrication trade for 16 years. Learning from some high level and well ticketed welders and fabricators. I spent my first my first 8 years in the trade exploring aluminum from welding boats and oil spill equipment and crab haulers, to thin gauge computer units for Honeywell. Not only welding but using lathes, milling machines to fabricate any part needed. I followed the next year’s with stainless steel and carbon welding pressure pipe. I am a red seal ticked welder with pressure pipe and Structural CWB tickets that I always keep current and  up to date because I enjoy working on any and all new and old projects that I can get my hands on. From a small one man job to one where I can my team of many skilled tradesman that I have been able to find and work with throughout the years. Try us you won’t be disappointed. Big or small we weld it all!